CQ Green Protein Fund - Corpeq
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CQ Green Protein Fund

CQ Green Protein Fund


The world’s first venture capital and growth equity fund investing in companies leading in sustainable or ‘green’ protein products, concepts, technologies or services. Supporting Benelux and German start- and scale-ups, aiming to profit from the fast growing green protein market.


Besides financing, we allow companies to maximize the benefits of being a Corpeq Group member, leveraging our extensive experience and network in the international food industry. We support them in:

  • (inter-)national market access (foodservice, retail…);
  • Production, logistics and certification;
  • Market entry/launching customers;
  • Development of business/entrepreneurial skills.


Portfolio companies should be profitable within two years. Typically, initial investment are up to five hundred thousand euro. CQ Green Protein fund has an evergreen approach to all our investments, there is no pre-determined exit period. Due to Corpeq’s structure and independent position, portfolio companies may benefit from additional growth capital.


Typical propositions fitting the CQ Green Protein Fund:

  • Innovative B-2-B or B-2-C ingredients or products for human or animal consumption (food/feed), containing ‘green’ proteins*; replacing animal based ingredients;
  • Re-use of protein-containing by-products;
  • Novel technologies for processing green protein raw materials to intermediate or ready-to-eat products;
  • Entrepreneurs with B-2-C green protein concepts and/or products.


Propositions must contribute to a more sustainable protein use in the food or feed chain.


*Green Protein sources may include

  • Pulses & Legumes
  • Algae, seaweed or other aquatic non-animal proteins
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Mushrooms