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About us

A single-family office, rooted in family values

Corpeq Holding B.V. is a Netherlands-based single-family office, rooted in family values. Specializing in active portfolio management of its participations, the company upholds a strong commitment to sustainability, continuity, technology adaption, long-term returns, and growth. Through strict investment criteria, the company ensures alignment with these values.

Driven by a sense of responsibility, Corpeq Holding B.V. actively supports its portfolio companies with strategic guidance, expertise, and capital, optimizing outcomes for all stakeholders, promoting wealth growth, and enhancing businesses and their employees’ prospects. This commitment to value creation is rooted in the following family values

We Offer

Empowering the management and employees of its holding companies and providing excellent opportunities for individual development.

We believe in

Adhering to the highest integrity standards and promoting honest, genuine and open communications channels within its companies.

We Promote

Promote employee satisfaction by providing a safe and healthy workspace based on mutual respect, while keeping hierarchy and bureaucracy to a minimum.

Corpeq B.V. does not confine itself to particular industries. Given the emphasis on the longer term, Corpeq B.V. does not have a pre-determined investment horizon.